Passive Earning 360 Degree Course

Smart Learning with Affiliation with ZPak

Next Date: To be announced in June
Two Months:
Timing: 3 pm to 5 pm
Days: 3 week days per week

Module 1
Qualifying to be Healthy wealthy not  just Filthy Rich:

  • The spiritual Dimensions of Wealth and money
  • Develop a Heart filled with love and hand full of Money
  • The truthful mindset towards money
  • Your higher self is a universal good citizen
  • Give back to those who don’t have what you have
  • The Entrepreneur in you
  • Be a jobster to learn not to  be a slave for life
  • The ways of self made wealthy people
  • The three life decisions  to a wealthy life
  • What MBA was not allowed to teach you
  • Know you forgotten passion
  • Wealth Management


Module 2
From MBA to CBE (Creating Business Empire)

  • What MBA could not teach you
  • MBA in a week (What you only needed to know)
  • Human Recourse (Be a firing father and a Caring Mother to you Employees)
  • Organizational Behavior ( Workable and Comfortable Environment Creation)
  • Deceptive Marketing to Emotional Marketing
  • Management by Merit the Nature’s Law
  • Accounting basics ( Just to understand)
  • Finance Basics (Just to understand)
  • E commerce and Emerging Technologies (the future)
  • Future jobs with AI, Robotics, 3D printers and other advancements


Module 3
The Alternate Earning to wealthy lifestyle

  • Passive Earning ways in Pakistan
  • What way is best for you
  • Internet and Computers basics
  • Web tools easy to use. (no programming required)
  • Freelance Working (Hobby into Passion. Passion into money)
  • Entrepreneurship (only for back benchers, C graders, Dyslexics, ADHDs)
  • Personality grooming to convert talent into a earning


Module 4
What you missed in School

  • NLP based communication skills
  • Starting your own Business
  • Getting grants
  • Angel investors
  • Sharpening your tools
  • Managing your Employees
  • Hiring and Firing
  • The art of closing and selling
  • Reputation and Brand Creation


Free Gift:

  • Money back if you don’t qualify
  • Fee wave with Zpak’s  Dr. and Mrs Akram’s Hidden Star Scholarships
  • Memberships and free access to Web tools you may need
  • One Year Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month
  • Digital Books to help you Transform
  • Discounted Voucher for a Smartphone
  • Discount Price for a Lap top
  • Discount Price for a virtual office space
  • Discount Price for Health Wealth Seminars and Workshops
  • Free Phone internet Access for 2 months
  • Free Super card packages for your phone calls
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The Wealth Transformation Crash Course:

Not for Everyone!

Yes! you read it right. I don’t want to enroll  more students thus making more money like most money hungry institutes here now a days. That is why I kept it much affordable compared to others

No one can increase your wealth but your own soul. By only  legitimate earning ways that you missed to learn because your institutes never taught you and your parents themselves didn’t know.

Health Wealth teaches  you your missing links that makes a wealthy man wealthy. Keep doing your job and start earning on the side at you own time and place. Simple ways to not to be a slave forever making someone else rich. Someone  who knew the secrets that you were not even trained to understand. Even if someone  tries to teach you you will divert. Health Wealth knows how to  teach you the impossible.

The emotional and spiritual level of wealth comes first making you  deserving it, be it  passionate working,  smart working, hard working,  being a source to distribute wealth to  people who diverse it thus making yourself deserve more. I call it a Free Tree. A tree can produce, give, distribute, contribute, and produce even more and enjoy the wealth it self doing that. It doesn’t work for anyone, is resourceful, is a pleasant and beneficial existence, does not judge other, and its fruits are for any one who is smart enough to take it. So  if you are ready to be unbiased to all humanity like a giving tree be it religion, culture race or language, you qualify for the enrollment to  this Course


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The Premium Package:

  • Consultancy (Home Visit by the Team)
  • Live Home Presentation by Professionals. (Facts Doctors Cannot Tell)
  • Aqua-Life Diagnosis. Have knowledge about your weaker body areas
  • Personalized Diet Plan Best for your Healthy Life
  • Super-foods Packets by Health Wealth With free Health Rack
  • Food for Anti Aging, Weight loss, Super Brain, Passionate over 40, Anti Cancer, DE-Toxins
  • One Year Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month

Free Gifts:

  • Optional free Blood Test (Complete Picture, Cholesterol, LFT, Electrolytes etc. (Done before Guidance)
  • Discount Coupon for Best Organic Food Restaurants In the City
  • Health Rack
  • Health Seminar Discounted Ticket
  • Food facts, Charts and Tables
  • Nutrition Guide
  • International Digital Magazine for Nutrition (Download Link)