Reiki won its remarkable reputation through years due to the happy users who experienced the benefits. Though seems non scientific but the aware world is accepting its curative abilities and is moving towards energy healing as it becomes much popular and known to be not a  secret healing technique anymore in the changing world now.  The good new is, like any other authentic alternate healing knowledge it complements General Medicine and goes along all the Doctors treatments you are getting for better healing results thus giving you a Healthy positive lifestyle and Mindset.

Reiki is simply a learnt amplification and enhancement of the healing milder abilities that some elders or loving relationships may have on you when they put the caring hand on your body. Kernling photography and science now recognizes the ability of healing touch of Reiki.

Being a new type of healing, Health Wealth would like you to be comfortable trying it for the first time and gives you Money Back Garentee whiten first 2 sessions which should be good for your mental relaxation and satisfaction.

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Reiki Energy Healing Premium Package

  •  4 Optional Home Visit by Certified Practitioner with 30 minute Reiki Healing
  • 5 Distant Reiki Healing Sessions (Collective or Individual)
  • 10 minute Reiki on Water, medicines and foods etc.
  • One Reiki Infused Orgone for cleaner environment (Value PKR 15000)
  • Weekly Lifetime Distance Reiki
  • Membership Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month
  • For every added person we charge only 2000

Free Gifts

  • Reiki Infused Salt Lamp
  • Relaxation CD
  • Health Seminar Discounted Ticket
  • International Digital Magazine for Nutrition (Download Link)
  • Positive Thinking Posters
  • Positive Calendar
  • Health Wealth T Shirt

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Energy Healing, Spiritual Energy, Feeling of Welling, Positivist, Happiness, Pain Relief, Mood Change, Guidance


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