The Paani Miracle Package:

Package Duration: 3 Months Delivery with Bottles
Number of Bottles Delivered per months : 616

  • Delivery of Two Energized 19 liter per month Reiki Infused Water bottles  to your home
  • Delivery of Two Energized 19 liter per month, Energized with Zam Zam Water
  • Two Memory Implanted Water  for different purposes e.g. health, wealth, Peace, Study etc.
  • Training and awareness Presentation of how to program Water and where to get good water
  • Training on making Organic Fruits based De-Tox water for home use
  • Training for External Water application for joint and other pains

Free Gifts:

  • One Year Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month
  • 15 % Discount on Ground Water Extraction and Treatment Process
  • Discount on Water Dispenser
  • Ebook on water Programming
  • Free Glasses for more Water Intake
  • Free Non toxic Glass bottles for better Water


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Health Wealth Water Energizing:

From treatment to delivery, Health Wealth takes care of your Healing Drinking Water Needs.

The Transforming world is now seeing Spirituality as a scientifically provable phenomena. Our Elders use to pray Dum on water. We also say people bringing Aab e Zam Zam so much so that it was restricted and is made a rarity to have. Some keep it in front of Recitation of Sura e Rehman to make it healing to incurable diseases like Hepatitis B and C.

What is in water that is so Healing is the question. There is nothing in the world more physically purifying then this transparent clear non oily abundantly present , globally accessible self recycling and purifying gift. But does it possess any Spiritual benefits to purify, heal and manifest things in  our life.

Japanese Scientist Dr. E Moto makes a revolutionary discover that Water remembers. Making water good or bad by speaking emotionally pure or verbally abusive words to it and then testing it scientifically makes us realize that the univers is lot more that what is seems. More than physical. Spiritually enhanced water when used for drinking goes inside our cytoplasm of cells, blood plasma, enzymes, Cerebro Spinal Brain fluid, Hormones, bone marrow, Joint and ligament fluids and all internal and external secretions to make us 80 percent of good or bad water. Yes we are 80 percent made of water.

Health  wealth gives you pure, affordable natural water. Energize it for natural healing and with all essential minerals.  Infusing Reiki in it to heal the body it goes and circulates into as many forms or liquids. Thus giving us the energy and healing we need that we programmed the water for.



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Reiki Energy Healing Premium Package

  •  4 Optional Home Visit by Certified Practitioner with 30 minute Reiki Healing
  • 5 Distant Reiki Healing Sessions (Collective or Individual)
  • 10 minute Reiki on Water, medicines and foods etc.
  • One Reiki Infused Orgone for cleaner environment (Value PKR 15000)
  • Weekly Lifetime Distance Reiki
  • Membership Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month
  • For every added person we charge only 2000

Free Gifts

  • Reiki Infused Salt Lamp
  • Relaxation CD
  • Health Seminar Discounted Ticket
  • International Digital Magazine for Nutrition (Download Link)
  • Positive Thinking Posters
  • Positive Calendar
  • Health Wealth T Shirt


The Premium Package:

  • Consultancy (Home Visit by the Team)
  • Live Home Presentation by Professionals. (Facts Doctors Cannot Tell)
  • Aqua-Life Diagnosis. Have knowledge about your weaker body areas
  • Personalized Diet Plan Best for your Healthy Life
  • Super-foods Packets by Health Wealth With free Health Rack
  • Food for Anti Aging, Weight loss, Super Brain, Passionate over 40, Anti Cancer, DE-Toxins
  • One Year Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month

Free Gifts:

  • Optional free Blood Test (Complete Picture, Cholesterol, LFT, Electrolytes etc. (Done before Guidance)
  • Discount Coupon for Best Organic Food Restaurants In the City
  • Health Rack
  • Health Seminar Discounted Ticket
  • Food facts, Charts and Tables
  • Nutrition Guide
  • International Digital Magazine for Nutrition (Download Link)