The Perfect Personal Nutritional Track

A home presentation and guided tour to success with essential supplies to give you your family  a  kick start  to a Healthy  Lifestyle of self care that the elite world is enjoying now a days. Thanks to the recent Divine  Enlightenment of the world

Not only our Doctor’s team  Calculates, Diagnose and Recommends  a perfect personal diet plan, we will also give you our custom filled beautifully crafted Super-food Mini Rack to keep it whiten your  hands reach, as a daily reminder to today’s health needs and also enticing  you to grab it more often than junk food.

We wish you the best for choosing  to be free from medicine and hospital forever.  Thankfully in just 4 days  you will start to see a glow in you face and feel Power in you body, moving towards a lifestyle  of a Healthy and charismatic persona experiencing the best Physical, Mental and Health states you deserve.

Read below for Details of this Services :

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The Premium Package:

  • Consultancy (Home Visit by the Team)
  • Live Home Presentation by Professionals. (Facts Doctors Cannot Tell)
  • Aqua-Life Diagnosis. Have knowledge about your weaker body areas
  • Personalized Diet Plan Best for your Healthy Life
  • Super-foods Packets by Health Wealth With free Health Rack
  • Food for Anti Aging, Weight loss, Super Brain, Passionate over 40, Anti Cancer, DE-Toxins
  • One Year Discounted Supply of our Health Wealth Food and Water Supplies
  • 20 % Discount in other of Health Wealth Services for one month

Free Gifts:

  • Optional free Blood Test (Complete Picture, Cholesterol, LFT, Electrolytes etc. (Done before Guidance)
  • Discount Coupon for Best Organic Food Restaurants In the City
  • Health Rack
  • Health Seminar Discounted Ticket
  • Food facts, Charts and Tables
  • Nutrition Guide
  • International Digital Magazine for Nutrition (Download Link)


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