Career Counselling




Career Counseling has been limited to just test and visa preparation. But it is much more than that.

We are made for a task that is best for us and suits our personality and skills we are born with. This path is lot by the school system, intention of which is to prepare a workforce to work for the millionaires to make them billionaires.

The real success is when you are aligned with your mindset and personality with the dream job or a personal business. That is when you will never get tired and keep persistent in your goal while you even enjoy working.

For this we have designed full medically approved physiological test for personality and guidance to what kind of study skill you need and path you should opt for ideally, of course with flexibility to match with your goals and needs.

We plan and suggest a career path that will encompass many fields thus letting you know yourself so that it’s better to make a decision best for your financial and personal happiness.


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