Dill Lagao———– Ab Parhai Me Bhi

Health Wealth Collaborates with Zaheen Pakistan

Secrets Revealed:

  • Why some students get better Marks
  • Super Powers of Learning
  • Why some learn faster
  • Healthy habits for better studies
  • The Pitfalls and shortcomings in Schools Refilling
  • How to Study less learn more
  • Increase Focus and Concentration
  • Control Procrastination
  • Hyperactive Students Solution
  • Hypo-active Learner’s Solution
  • Remember more in Exams
  • Higher Mind Better Grades
  • Stay Happy and Healthy
  • Have time more more self development
  • Food for Brain Muscle
  • Play and Learn
  • The ADHD and Dyslexia myth
  • Leadership Qualities in School
  • What popular students practice in Mind


Health Wealth Super Classes:

  • Using Mind  Map Concept, Speed and Retaining
  • The Study Boosting Formula that helped millions
  • How to do Homework in half the time
  • Mind Gym and Relaxation
  • Exam secrets for better marks
  • Speed Reading and Speed Learning
  • Using ADHD and Dyslexia as and advantage
  • Children and Parent Program for Happy Life
  • Learn about money before hand
  • Sky High Self Confidence in a weak
  • Mental health for kids

98 % Schools Cannot Teach You This :

Famous School Dropouts

School Dropouts

  • Get a job that makes you Happy
  • Earn Money for your self
  • Be a Leader
  • Learn to Learn
  • What to Read to Lead
  • Stay Healthy
  • Higher Your Brain
  • Boost you  Self Esteem
  • Retain you Individuality
  • Know Yourself
  • Your life’s Purpose
  • Discover Your Hidden Superpower
  • Positive Self Image
  • Positive Thinking
  • Boost Creativity
  • Find your Destiny
  • Being Happy
  • Soul Searching
  • Be a Boss in the Changing World
  • Manage Finance
  • Connect with Life Around You
  • Be the Best of the Best
  • Habits of Successful
  • Be an Entrepreneur
  • Earn wild you learn
  • Success Secrets
  • Money Secrets
  • The Financial Traps to keep you poor
  • Gratitude Attitude
  • Winning Attitude
  • Equality with Individuality
  • Respecting and Behavior Towards other Gender
  • What is Spirituality
  • Power of Subconscious Mind
  • Expressing From Heart
  • Fail to Learn More
  • Collaboration and Team Work
  • Being Authentic
  • Emotional inelegance
  • Spiritual Intelligence


Some Food for Thought to help you Realize:

  • But It is a sensitive topic
  • That is why I would like to Make it Clear
  • I am not saying Education or Schooling is wrong
  • Nor I am saying they don’t serve some value
  • But I am saying there is something better that they don’t want you to know
  • You may get good marks and get a job, but not a happy free man serving his purpose
  • I am not saying  jobs are bad, I am saying they
    are a step to learn how companies work not your goal