Direct Creation of Allah is the purest. We touch it to get in touch with our inner self thus connecting us with the Creator

Take a Time Out

Touch your Heart not the Screen

Health Wealth Helps you regain your inner straight and peace through events that facilitates with Connection with the Greens of the Leaves, Blues of the Sea and Vastness of the sky, touch of the souls, Vibes of the Heart.

Our Programs and Events :

  • A Weekend without Screen
  • Mini Vacation
  • Seminar: Touch the Sea
  • Touch Hearts to make Friends
  • How to Socialize without technology
  • Like, share, Hashtag without the  screens
  • Screen-free time for More Live
  • Quit Screen Addiction
  • Quit Porn Addiction
  • Quit Screen Addiction
  • Do what you do
  • Age Regression
  • Fit over 40
  • Family Time without Touch Screen
  • Raising your Millennial Kids for success
  • Love for Life
  • Family City Tours
  • Social City Tours
  • Friend Matching
  • The Natural Brain
  • Heart Warmers
  • Strong Bonds Between Husband  and Wife
  • Spending Quality Time with Children
  • The art of Eating
  • The art of Watching a Movie
  • Being in the Present Moment
  • The art of Self Improvement
  • Soul Searching for Success
  • Emotional Well being with Human Touch
  • Positive Music for Better Mind

Benefits of Time Out Seminars in Nature

  • After job hours
  • Relaxed Environment
  • More Real than Youtube
  • Life Enriching and Happy Living
  • More Productivity in Life
  • Make Friends Real Life
  • Adventure Endorphin rather then Medicine
  • Anti depression without drugs
  • Happy Hormone
  • Healthy Lifestyle / Longer Life
  • Family Bonding Habits
  • Mind Games with Nature
  • Open Minds for better LIfe
  • Emotionally Hight and More Love in Life
  • Calmer Life Silent Moments
  • Less Tiring after work
  • Ends overthinking and Mental Exhaustion
  • Spiritual Connection with Nature

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